Holocaust in Congo (English version)


Holocauste in Congo, the Omerta of the international community- Charles ONANA, foreword by Charles Millon

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Holocaust in the Congo, The omerta of the international community, Is France a partner in crime? 

More than 10 million dead, 7 million internally displaced, 500,000 women raped... yet silence surrounds this tragedy which never makes world headlines. For how long still will this blackout persist? 

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), formerly Zaire, saw a large influx of Rwandan refugees between April and July 1994. Since then, the country has been persistently attacked and looted by neighbouringRwandan and Ugandan troops. What is unfolding in this country, where the civilian death toll has reached millions and hundreds of thousands of women are raped? 

African Great Lakes expert Charles Onana, who has published eight investigations on the regions’ recent history, plunges us with Holocaust in the Congo, The omertà of the international community, Is France a partner in crime?, into the years preceding and following the fall of former Congolese President Mobutu Sese Seko with the invasion of Zaire in 1996, and the setting up of a system of occupation which is still in place to this day.

Major events are reconstructed using a wide range of primary archival sources - spanning from US and French Presidential records, US national security agencies’ reports and memos, letters, congressional hearings, judicial trials, parliamentary inquiries and newspaper articles of the time- as well as interviews with key actors. Secondary sources are also widely cited, with a particular attention to a variety of less known emerging Congolese authors. 

Following over 20 years of research on the region, the author wants to alert public opinion on the designed extermination of the Congolese population. 

Above all, Charles Onana explains how the ongoing massacres in the DRC are organized, using terror and deceit, so as to camouflage the war of aggression and render the country servile to the needs of global interests in the arms, cell phone and energy transition industries. 

A unique behind-the-scenes analysis which shatters established myths and pretexts used by Rwandan and other proxy militias for eastern Congo’s genocidal occupation, the largest civilian massacre since the end of World War II. 

 Charles ONANA who holds a doctorate in political science is specialized in the Great Lakes region in Africa and armed conflicts. Onana is the author of several books in the field such as Europe crimes et censure au Cong (Editions Duboiris)Rwanda : La vérité sur l’Opération Turquoise (L’Artilleur), Enquêtes sur un attentat : Rwanda 6 avril 1994 (L’Artilleur) amongst others. 

 Charles Millon, former French President Jacques Chirac’s Minister of Defence from 1995 to 1997, lived first-hand the invasion of Congo-Zaïre and recounts his personal experience in the book’s foreword.

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