United nations Climate Liars


United nations Climate Liars : Version anglaise/English Version de « Climat, j’accuse » – Christian GERONDEAU

  • Paru le 01 Novembre 2015
  • 148 pages
  • Genre : Essais
  • ISBN : 9782810007073

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Christian Gérondeau

Gerondeau Christian Artilleur

« This is a most timely book. In front of the expected Paris COP 21 fiasco, there are more and more reasons to question the conventional wisdom of what has become almost a religion.

Christian Gerondeau, a distinguished French engineer, explains clearly why the conventional approach is so deeply flawed, and what needs to be put in its place. He is neither overcome by the cultural pessimism of the Western political classes nor seduced by their grandiose oratory. He keeps his feet on the ground and is concerned with what works.

Thus we should focus less on the uncertain science of global warming and on highly speculative horror stories about its possible impact, and more on the practical way forward. While the technologically inept and economically ruinous decarbonisation route, even if it could be globally agreed (which it cannot), would intensify the problem of world poverty, the way ahead which Christian Gerondeau charts would alleviate it.

As Gerondeau observes, future generations wil fin dit hard to believe the story he accurately recounts in this book. It is e book that deserves to be widely read. »

Nigel Lawson

Former UK Secretary of State for Energy

Former UK Chancellor of the Exchequer

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